Blockade Games is psyched to announce our upcoming Founder's Key Sale. 

*See below for more details

Join The Waitlist

You'll want to join the wait list so you can be one of the only people with a Founder's Key. Sign up now, and we'll let you know when this private event begins.

Already signed up?  Check your place in line.

What do these Keys unlock? 

AWESOME -- That's what they unlock.

Even better, your key gets you into the Founder's Sale.

With a Founder's Key, you'll have first dibs for getting your hands on the Early Access version of Neon District.  In addition, you'll be able to buy limited edition, in-game items and schwag only available with a Founder's Key.

You'll even be able to purchase the final boss in Season Zero!

Yes, you read that right. With a Founder's Key, you'll have the opportunity to acquire the ACTUAL last boss in the first release of Neon District. There's only one Boss (that tentacly thing over there) and it could be yours. Complete with custom game code and data reflecting the fact it's yours.

Even better yet? By hook-or-by-crook, everyone on the list gets a Founder's Key. And because these keys are NFTs, that key and all the cool things we have planned in the future for Keyholders, is yours for life.

It's like your forever-key to Neon District.

. . . but first, you have to sign up!

Why are we doing this? 
For three reasons, really.

One?  We really love our community and wanted to give them something special for sticking by our side while we build this ambitious thing called Neon District. That's why this is limited. That's why we're not gonna be pushing this on the world for the next six months. That's why we're not doing a traditional token sale.

These keys are for here and now. For you guys and your friends.

Two?  Once we stop distributing Founder's Keys, the funds we raise from our Founder's Sale will go towards helping us pay for more and better content in Neon District and our other games.  Because blazing the path between Blockchain and Mainstream gaming is arduous and expensive work.  This money helps so we don't have to do anything crazy like an ICO.

But honestly? We just want to make badass games. The baddest-assest games, even. And it takes money to do that.

Finally, number three. In order to help us raise more money (see number Two above), it looks REALLY good on your company resume for potential investors if you have a passionate community that is either a) willing to help by spreading the good word, or b) willing to help by giving the team a bit of money to help us realize our vision.

That way, when they ask us if we have a passionate community, we can stare them in the eyes and say, "Hell. Yeah."